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Hi, I'm Jon Chui!

👋 Howdy friend! I’m so grateful you’ve come to check out my personal Website!

For 10+ years I lived & breathed 📱mobile apps, and was lucky enough to do this at/for Fortune 5, 50,500 & 5000 companies. This ranged from  top 10 App Store apps (Google Maps, Gmail, Google search) to social networks for sobriety (Sober Grid). The pressure took it’s toll finally & I followed the “burnout track” and took 6 month sabbatical (that would later turn into almost 3 years). My family & I left the bay with 8 suitcases of all our belongings, and i thought tech would only be in my rear view mirror…

I exchanged the standup desks & nap pods of silicon valley to serve families in the slums of Philippines & Cambodia. To my utter surprise and delight though, these families were happier than I was. Something was missing?

I then started my dream… a tech agency for good. But more than a tech agency, it was a community that would train ppl from around the world, driven by values of inclusion, learning, togetherness, belonging… And we’d use the power & resources of tech to bring this about! 

Now, after doing that for 2 years (selling $600k of revenue, training people who have never done tech, hiring, firing, & learning all about my blind spots!), I’m not jumping back into industry to do this back in the private sector, with the resources of a bigger company! 😉

Idea validation

Have a MIT New Ventures Design Bootcamp Certification. Learned from alot of mistakes ( Inbox by Gmail, 10+ apps for clients that never went anywhere). At Wonder And, we help clients test out & iterate ideas as fast as possible w/ real users

Product management

As a microsoft PM early in my career, technology/coding to me was simply a means to an end – to build a great PRODUCT that ppl actually use. Great products are a delight to use. They are anchored in solving a clear pain point that i have – and other products just don’t full solve it

Technology and tools

With 15+ years of engineering experience from Google -> Startups, I love using tech/tools to make ppl’s lives easier. Some ex: – building a flutter ios/android app with push notifications/onesignal, native google & apple signing, doing the entire app store/google play process, marketing, and into production in 3 weeks. (when team estimated 3-6 months)



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