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Hi, I'm Jon Chui!

👋 Howdy friend! Thanks for checking out my Persoanl Website!

For 10+ years I lived & breathed 📱mobile.. worked on top 10 App Store apps (Google Maps, Gmail, Google search) as well as a bunch that didn’t see the light of day. The pressure took it’s toll finally & I followed the “burnout track” and took 6 month sabbatical (that would later turn into almost 3 years). My family & I left the bay with 8 suitcases of all our belongings, and i thought tech would only be in my rear view mirror…

I exchanged the standup desks & nap pods of silicon valley to serve families in the slums of Philippines & Cambodia. To my utter surprise and delight though, these families were happier than I was. Something was missing?

We came back to the mainland & I tried my hand at using tech for good, by working on the “strava for sobriety” app and it was amazing. I was finally helping ppl again!

But as w/ many startups, funding fell through…

I then went to help a big, well-funded startup who’s goal was “tech for good”, specifically in non-profit church space. I was so excited! And somehow, in the midst of “strat sums” and super fun budgets I lost my way… I actually kind of lost heart.

Enter a wise mentor who asked me: “What if life wasn’t a series of problems to be solved, but a story to live?”

And I realized, this is what i’ve always resonated with.. Story… adventure… beauty….

I envision a future where you can bring your full self to work, not just a version that others expect.

I realize, some of what i’ve been looking for is…

– A Small & effective team.

– 1 Super Clear mission.

– Ppl always getting helped

Some other core values I’ve found along the way:

1. Transparency & Vulnerability > Posturing & Faking

2. Take the Mission Seriously <> Do NOT take ourselves too seriously (aka. it’s gotta be fun)

3. EQ > IQ

4. Team > Profits

Can’t wait to see what’s next!

“Love so insanely it confuses people, Give so graciously others think you’re rich, Shine so bright you make darkness curious. ”

– Jon Chui

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